Partnering With Retailers and E-Tailers

We Sell 1000s Of Wholesale Products Direct from Manufacturers and Suppliers


Synergy Resource Management


Not only do we purchase products for wholesale, we also drop ship products on eBay for our customers. If your business is in need of drop shipping services at a competitive price, contact us below for pricing info

Amazon Product Launch

Launching a new product on Amazon can be a very challenging proposition. Having a partner to help you navigate the Amazon landscape is crucial to the success of a new product. We are uniquely positioned to help new businesses navigate the product launch process and avoid many of the expensive pitfalls a private label sellers may experience.

Ad Opts

It’s an open secret that by correctly leveraging Facebook’s data a company grow its bottom line exponentially. Our consultants are trained to help you leverage Facebook Audience Network to magnify your sales.

Direct Manufacturer Relations

We work directly with manufactures to ensure that the items we sell are made with only the best quality materials. 



Synergy Resource Management LLC

Synergy Resource Management LLC  is dedicated to providing a uniquely broad variety of quality products for your family, home, or office. We utilize proprietary software and advanced analytics to discover and offer products while building authentic relationships with manufacturers. Our partnership with eBay allows us to promptly deliver competitively priced products to our customers.


SRM has been an asset to our customer base. They are a consistent demand partner who has always paid our suppliers on time with no delay. We look forward to 10x’ing our business with them in the future.
Bob Smith
Manager, Go2Mobile
SRM has consistently been a top partner with us and has been a valuable asset to our suppliers. Their expertise in the online marketing space and the high level of professionalism with which they operate make them a pleasure to work with and we look forward to a long-term partnership together.
Robert Thomas
Director of Video, Cross Divine
The collective industry knowledge that SRM brings to the table is exceptional
Kevin Washington
Manager, Publisher Relations, Home Sourced Quality Goods


We are always looking to expand our business. If you think you would be a good partner please fill out the contact form below.